Our friends at Fasthouse appreciate all-things fast, vintage and original – that’s why we invited them for a first-look (and ride) in the custom 1949 Chevy we built with custom car builder Matt Noble.

Best of all, we are giving it away and it could be yours – just text 805classictruck to 24587 or Enter for your chance to win the ’49 Chevy.

Darryn Durham is a professional dirt bike rider that does things his own way, and he happens to be one of the leading members of the Fasthouse crew.

— Kenny Alexander, Fasthouse

Classic car builder Matt Noble and dirt bike rider Darryn Durham square off in front of the hot rod shop. Watch the short film above to see what transpires after the conversation.

We wanted to provide the experience what it would feel like for someone to win this classic. So, we called up Darryn Durham, Fasthouse crew member, and handed him the keys for an afternoon. Of course, we had to get together and put it on film.

805 killed it with this truck build by teaming up with custom builder Matt Noble – his work is off the wall and cool, this 49′ Chevy truck is no different

— Kenny Alexander, Fasthouse

If you look hard there might be a few Limited Edition Co-Lab 805 / Fasthouse cans still available out there at your favorite dealer.

Now through September 30, 2020, you can enter for a chance to win this custom ‘49 Chevy. Must be 21+ to enter. Only valid for those living in states where 805 is available. Full rules can be found here.

Some lucky person is going to be fortunate enough to win, and drive this truck around.

— Matt Noble